Sophie Cornfield

Sophie Cornfield is a floater teacher at the JCC Nursery School. Sophie began at the JCC in 2015, and she is very excited to join the teaching team. Sophie grew up in Minneapolisand Palo Alto, CA, and graduated from Tulane University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Through her work as a camp counselor for campers with special needs at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, Sophie developed a passion for working for and with individuals with special needs. Merging her interest in special education and history, she wrote her senior thesis on the history of special education. During college, she worked as a line therapist in a preschool program for children with autism. Most recently, she put her thesis experience to work advocating for families with special needs seeking tuition reimbursement from the New York Department of Education. 

Sophie loves both teaching and learning in the classroom!