We are delighted to be able to offer a new afterschool play initiative.

Beginning in late September, Playtime! will be a unique opportunity to extend your child’s day in the nursery school until 3 pm Mondays through Wednesdays, following an 11:30 am, noon, or 2 pm dismissal. 

Playtime! will take place in one of our classrooms, and offer a blend of open, free play (blocks, dramatic play, etc.) with our classroom teachers, and material-specific art explorations (clay, watercolor, etc.). This is a drop-off class, though parents and caregivers are invited to stay. For adults, this can be a great opportunity to play with your child as well as observe our teachers at work and see some of our strategies for interacting with young children.

Most importantly, we are offering this chance for nursery school students to extend their day with free play. We believe deeply in the power of play for young children, and are excited to invite your children to join us this additional play opportunity next year.

As part of your nursery experience, you will receive a free five-class pass so your child can jump in and get started playing! Once you have used that pass, you can register in person with Linda Sierra at our front desk beginning the Thursday prior to each session you’d like your child to attend. Spots are limited, and each session will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2s + 3s (11:30 am + noon dismissals): $20 per session

Extended day (2 pm dismissal): $10 per session