A Note From Noah

What a Field Day! Thank you to the many parents, caregivers, grandparents, and extended family who joined us for a memorable morning in Riverside Park. Most importantly, we used the occasion to donate our Penny Harvest to PS 96. Our $722.56 will be used towards their enrichment programs such as art and music classes. Thank you all for participating in our second annual Penny Harvest – start collecting change now for next year!

With Field Day behind us and End of Year Parties approaching soon (you should have dates and times from your teachers), we are excited to welcome in our two new incoming Parents Association co-chairs for the 2019-2020 school year, Blaire Cahn and Barbara Piermont. Blaire and Barbara will be picking up the reigns from Kate Kirschner and Donna Sheynfeld, who are handing over a strong, robust PA for the upcoming school year. I am excited to share a short note from each co-chair with you:

From Barbara:

When we first moved to the UWS over 10 years ago, the JCC quickly became a big part of our lives and we knew that we would one day send our children to its nursery school. In our first year at the school, we were overwhelmed by how welcomed we felt and loved the sense of community it created for our family. I am thrilled to be working with Blaire this year to continue the wonderful efforts of the Parents Association and ensure that other new families feel the same way mine did.

From Blaire:

The JCC nursery school is a special place—one that has cultivated a warm and nurturing environment that celebrates the uniqueness in each child and fosters self-confidence and a love of learning. For my family, it is more than a center of learning, it is a community of friends, a support network, and a place where values and traditions are shared. I look forward to working with Barbara and other JCC parents to make the 2019-2020 school year a memorable and rewarding experience.

Please join me in welcoming Barbara and Blaire to their new posts as you see them around. As always, our PA relies on volunteers – Barbara and Blaire will need your help in the year to come! Be on the lookout in coming months for ways to engage in PA events for the upcoming year.

And finally, we are excited for Special Visitors Day this coming Monday and Tuesday. These are always special days to celebrate and enjoy the warmth of our extended community.

Shabbat shalom,