Open Houses

We grow by trying new things.

Throughout the year you have seen me use this space to document the growth of our children as they push and challenge themselves with new ideas and activities, as well as the growth that we as teachers and parents experience when we come together to learn. You’ve read about the Peer Learning Cycle, in which our teachers are observing each other at work and coming together to reflect on our professional practices; you’ve read about Parents Growing Together, the Parents Association umbrella for our workshops and discussions designed to give parents opportunities to dive into helpful topics. If we are serious about our children’s growth, we must model and experience what it feels like to try new things. 

This week, our school tried a new thing.

Over two mornings this week, we hosted 30 NYC school administrators and educators in two Open Houses.  In a new effort to share our work and show our school to the education community, we invited in Early Childhood Center directors and ongoing school Admission Directors and Lower School heads.  Many of our friends and colleagues showed up to learn about what we do here; some of our guests already knew our school well and this was a refresher and for others this was their first time in our building.

Our hope is that through mornings like these, the education community is better able to understand the outstanding work that we do here and perhaps adopt some of our practices.  Our visitors were amazed and impressed at our Daily Reflections, Journey Binders, natural materials, professional development, and strong Parents Association.   More than anything else, what came through on our tour of the school was the love and care with which our teachers approach their work. 

Our growth comes from the feedback we receive from our visitors and from the experience of trying something we have never done before.  Our anxiety and nervousness around hosting new guests results in confidence in the school and excitement over the work that remains in front of us. 

In our ongoing effort to innovate and strengthen our school community, we all must continue to see the potential that exists in trying something new.

Shabbat shalom,