Mersiha Canovic

Mersiha Canovi is a co-head teacher in Classroom 8. he has been part of the nursery school community since 2011. rior to joining the nursery school, Mersiha worked as a counselor for the 3s and 4s during the JCC winter camp. She also worked as an assistant cnselor at the JCC Day Camp and as a sports coach for th 5s and 6s for three summer, thoroughly enjoying all of her experiences and opportunities at the JCC. 

Mersiha was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and still resides there today. In January 2012, Mersiha graduated from Hunter College with a bachelor of arts degree in English nguage, terature, and iticism and a minor in havioral ychology. She is urrently orking toward her master’s degree in arly ildhood eneral ucation and ecial ucation at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education. Mersiha says, "For years, I was searching for something to be passionate about and this is it; I am excited to teach and to be taught.”