Debra Schwartzreich

Debra Schwartzreich works in Classroom 3 as a co-head teacher in our half-day 3s program. In addition, she explores materials and environments as an atelierista in the common space and individual classrooms. Debra grew up in Mamaroneck, NY, and now lives on the Upper East Side. She has been at the JCC since 2014 and at our nursery school since 2015. Prior to working in the nursery school, Debra worked with 2s Together, Havurah, and the JCC Summer Camps.

Debra completed her undergraduate degree in art history and art conservation at the University of Delaware in 2013. While teaching in family programs at the Jewish Museum, she realized her passion for teaching art to children. She went on to complete her master’s degree in early childhood education at CUNY Hunter in 2018. Debra continues to teach in museums and uses art as a vessel for children to communicate, learn, and play together. Debra is excited to explore this year with Jenna and Peggy in Classroom 3.