Alex Reynolds

Alex joined the Saul and Carole Zabar Nursery School in 2014, where she is a head teacher with 2s in Classroom 1. She is a member of the school's Leadership Team and has had an active role in organizing the school's professional and community development. During her time in the nursery school, Alex has been fortunate enough to attend the semiannual educational conference in Reggio Emilia, Italy, to learn more about the school's philosophical approach to early childhood education. Alex holds a master's degree in early childhood education with a certificate in special education from CUNY City College of New York, where she completed a thesis on gender development in the early years. She has co-presented at educational workshops on gender in the early years, the Reggio Emilia approach, and, most recently, emergent curriculum. Before working in early childhood education, she taught music to students in Grades K-12 at a nonpublic school for children with special needs.