The Parents League of New York's "Review 2016: Essential Articles on Parenting and Education" features an article written by former director Noah Mencow Hichenberg, school director, and Sarah Ruben, former head teacher. The article details a peer-to-peer professional development model that our school has been working with.

The 2015 Regional Awardees of the Grinspoon Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education "recognizes innovative local educators who make a lasting impact on the lives of Jewish children." Classroom 3 teachers Amy Gargan-Johnson, Anna Goodkind, and Felicia Shulman were nominated and recognized for their innovative approach to involving their students in the use of documentation technology throughout the year. 

Our former director, Noah Mencow Hichenberg, received the 2015 Jewish Education Project’s Young Pioneers Award for his role in helping to spread a Reggio-inspired approach to education in NYC through planning and facilitating workshops around the Reggio Emilia Wonder of Learning exhibit, and for his role in convening New York early childhood directors and representatives from the NYC Department of Education’s Universal Pre-K initiative to ensure that Jewish early childhood education can continue progressive practices while adhering to the city’s requirements.

The 2014 annual Vivian Gussin Paley Award for Early Childhood Excellence was awarded to Joyce Portnoy-Eisman, head teacher and Leadership Team member, for her career of excellence and passion in teaching young children. “The world of play allows children to express their inner selves and to make sense of their outer world," Joyce said. "As a teacher of young children I feel honored each day that I have the opportunity to enter this magical world with them.”

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A 2014 article in The ForwardWhy Are There So Few Men in Jewish Nursery School Classrooms? highlights our very own Adam Metzger, who plays the multiple roles of co-head teacher, school Leadership Team member, and Day Camp @ Pearl River director.

Our school was awarded Outstanding Nursery School in Recognition of Outstanding Work for New York City Students at the 2013 Blackboard Awards for Schools and Principals. The ceremony was attended by the chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, Dennis Walcott; the borough president of Manhattan, Gale Brewer; and emceed by Lisa Belkin, the Huffington Post’s senior columnist, reporting and opining on life, work, and family.

Head teacher Jacqueline Marks received the 2012 Jewish Education Project’s Young Pioneers Award for her role in helping our school learn how to share classroom curriculum and student work in meaningful ways with our parent body. While Jacqueline now serves as the director of the Educational Alliance Preschool at the Manny Cantor Center, her creative work continues to inspire us today.